Yellow Sub

Watercolor, gel pen

Feeding Time

Ink and watercolor

Not Today Satan


You'll Float Too

Ink and Charcoal

My Eyes Are Up Here

Ink, graphite, and colored pencil.

Oh Happy Day

Marker, watercolor, and ink. One hour drawing for Monster Drawing Rally in York, PA.

A Natural Burial

Ink and colored pencil. Quick sketch inspired by chapter in From Here to Eternity by Caitlin Doughty.

School's Out, Creeps Out

Marker and ink

Death by Pizza

Digital Inspired by a scene from the movie Monster Squad.


Watercolor ink


Digital Portrait study of Stranger Things character Eleven.

We're Back Bitches

Watercolor and ink X Files inspired doodle during season 11 premiere.

Horse Study


Flower Girl

Marker and ink

Healthy Livin'

Watercolor ink

Goth Mary

Ink and colored pencil

Everything's Just Fine


No Thank You

Colored pencil

Dream of Shack in the Woods


Prince Charming

Watercolor and ink

Model Sketch


Nonna at the Home

New Brushes

Wishes for Fishes

Enoch Pratt Library, Balitmore, MD Water Color and ink

The Gallery

Inner Harbor, Balimore MD Water color and gouache

Saddle Billed Storks

Maryland Zoo, Baltimore, MD Ink and watercolor

Lion Maryland Zoo

Maryland Zoo, Baltimore,MD Ink

Rino Maryland Zoo

Maryland Zoo, Baltimore,MD Ink

Elephant in the Bushes

Maryland Zoo, Baltimore,MD Ink

Enter the Vortex

Ink wash and salt

Children of the Night

Watercolor ink


Color study Watercolor inks

Cherrylane Courtyard

York PA Watercolor and ink

Central Market

York, PA Watercolor


Center Stage Theatre Balitmore, MD Gouache and paint marker

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